Big Day Small Talk Episode 2: Torunn of beYOUtifulblog

For your convenience, here are links to a few of the products Torunn mentioned!

Mario Bedusco Drying Lotion

JCrew Factory Black Tee

Hey guys!  We are here with Torunn and she has been trying on some of our new gowns.  And we have been having an amazing time and we thought while she's here we'll do a little bit of Big Day Small Talk.  So, we have a few 'getting to know you' questions all about Torunn, her style, her beauty favs.  So, here we go!

 What do you do and how did you get started?

I'm actually, I call myself an influencer or content creator.  And it actually goes back to my blog, ( which I started when I was in college.  In May 2015 I decided that I wanted a creative outlet aside from what I was going to school for, which was engineering.  I started beyoutifulblog and ever since then it's kind of taken off.  Throughout the years I've focused on blogging, I did a little bit of modeling, and just doing things like this and sharing more about who I am, what I love, and sharing a little bit about my lifestyle. 

What's the best part about being an influencer?

Beside that I get to make my own hours?  Actually, it's probably about the community involved with being an influencer.  The girls that I get to meet.  The companies I get to work with.    I've established lifelong relationships with these women that's been huge.  I'm kind of an outgoing social bee as it is, so this platform has really introduced me to women who are like me.

What's the most common misunderstanding people have about being an influencer?

Oh my god, I already know the answer to this.  I think people think blogging and being an influencer is just about playing dress up and taking pretty pictures of yourself all the time.  But I can't stress to people enough that there's so much that goes on behind the scenes that you do not see.  And the hardest thing probably about being an influencer is the social media world never sleeps.  So, you are always constantly going whether it's email, instagram, facebook, pinterest.  Just to keep up with all of those, that's such a huge job in itself. 

You recently got married!  Give us the details!

We got married in October of 2018.  We had a fairy tale enchanted forest wedding theme.  We got married on my husband's land in Paducah, Kentucky.  I will say that we kind of had an untraditional wedding because my father in law passed away three days before our wedding.  It was such a crazy week as being a bride and if you've ever been a bride or are about to be you can imagine how hectic things can get.  So, the biggest and happiest week of our life was also probably the saddest week of our life.  But it really brought my husband and I together and just kind of made our wedding day that much more special. 

What's your biggest piece of advice for brides?

As cliched as it probably sounds, my biggest piece of advice is just to enjoy this moment of your life.  I know everyone says it goes by so quickly and when you're living it, it's really hard to stop and enjoy those moments.  Because, it's kind of stressful, there's a lot that goes into planning a wedding.  But it really does truly just kind of come and go.  So, just relish those moments.  Take in those moments.  Soak them up.  Because you're never going to get this opportunity back in your life, probably. 

Let's talk beauty!  Tell us about a beauty product you're currently loving.

I'm actually using this thing right now.  It's called drying lotion.  And I actually discovered it two days before my wedding because I, just like y'all, kind of got a couple blemishes before my wedding from the stress and the hormones.  And so you dip a q-tip in this drying lotion, you put it on your spot, and it just clears it right up.  Everyone needs that.  Literally.  That's the best. 

Let's talk fashion!  What's a wardrobe piece that's been heavy in your rotation this Spring?

It's funny that you ask that question because honestly, probably this t-shirt that I'm wearing right now.  I'm not even kidding you, I own it in, like, four different colors because I'm all about basics.  So, a basic tee or tank that I can wear with shorts, skirts, and jeans; that's my go-to.  Just something that you're going to wear over and over again. 

You just recently renovated your home!  Any advice for couples settling into their first place?

I would say cherish that time that your husband and you have together when you're deciding on things about the house.  Try to think about what you're going to use your rooms for or how you want your house to reflect you all as a couple.  Remember, this is where you're coming home to every single night.  It's where you're going to spend most of your time, so you really want it to feel like home, and something that you and him created together. 

That was good!